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…the power behind Asset Management !

Parago is a powerful Asset, Facilities and Contract Solution with integrated helpdesk designed to make everyone’s worklife easier.

It enables you to manage all your assets in an easy, cost effective and visually engaging way.

At the touch of a screen, you can see a virtual image of your whole organisation and with a click of a button zoom into individual rooms to see every asset and task.

Say goodbye to clumsy spreadsheets and say hello to the easiest and most responsible way of controlling, reporting and managing your inventory, contracts and premises.

emblemParago is currently delivering value and benefits to a community of approximately 1000 Schools, Colleges and Universities in the UK, Europe and the US, and has now become available in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

With the added advantage of Parago Mobile, asset management can now become simpler.

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Why Bother?

Schools, colleges and universities are no longer simply education institutions. Today educational institutions are businesses with financial pressures, budgetary constraints and regulatory obligations.

Further, School Boards are becoming more demanding as educational sector competitiveness increases. Parago delivers tangible benefits to schools and institutions for:

Insurance Policy Management

Having accurate records of all your assets, their current value and current location is fundamental to ensuring insurance policies and premiums are based on fact and not guesswork.

Further, having accurate asset information readily accessible and available simplifies insurance claim lodgement should the worst happen, and helps expedite claim resolution.

Procurement Planning

Accurate records of what assets you already have and where they are located and prevents purchasing expense wastage.

Further, Parago’s built-in asset depreciation functionality helps School Administrators to optimally plan asset replacement and divestment.

Asset Tracking and Audit

Parago’s Reporting Function and the Parago Mobile app simplify asset movement tracking, enabling staff to quickly and easily find the assets they need and to record when they move an asset from one location to another.

With Parago, the resource and time intensive annual Asset Audit is obsolete.  Parago Asset Audit reports highlight exceptions; so the Audit focus switches from finding every asset and recording its current location to a finding a few misplaced assets.

Software Licence Management

Today software is used extensively in the educational process in addition to school administration functions.  Parago’s Software Asset Management module enables schools to keep tabs on software installed on devices connected to the school’s network.  This assists IT staff maintaining control over licences and Standard Operating Environments.

Parago monitors software usage facilitating optimal software licence allocation.

Asset Loan Pool Management 

Using Parago, asset loan pools may be established and managed for staff and students.

Assets may be assigned to staff and students and checked back into the Loan Pool when returned.  Of course, Parago maintains a full audit trial for each asset in the loan pools.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Using Parago you can maintain records of when asset Occupational Health and Safety checks, including Asbestos and Legionella Inspections, Electrical Test and Tag and Fire Equipment Checks etc., were last conducted and when they are next due.  Further, Parago’s “Alert” functionality ensures these checks are never overlooked.

Facilities Management

Parago simplifies and centralises Facilities Management for Finance and Facilities Management staff.  Using Parago, staff can: schedule maintenance work; centralise recording of building, room and ground details; and receive alerts due important events are due.

Key features of Parago’s Facility Management include:

  • Schedule maintenance to grounds, buildings, rooms, vehicles and equipment
  • Schedule asbestos, Legionella, Water Filter, Electrical OHS Checks, etc.
  • Plan decorating, window, flooring, general building and land works
  • COSHH, Fire and Risk Assessment check dates
  • Record room dimensions with electrical and plumbing details
  • Document and photo files all in one centralised repository
  • Mass edit/update feature
  • Email alerts and reporting
Contract Management

Never miss those important contract dates again.

Parago’s Contract Management issues alerts when Contract renewal and termination dates are due.  Avoid being surprised by unexpected invoices associated with automatically renewed contracts and contract extensions.

Parago centralises key contract information so it is readily and easily accessible when needed.  Record and maintain contract information including:

  • Supplier contract details and ledger code
  • Contract start and finish dates
  • Auto-renewal dates
  • Service dates
  • Contract termination notification dates and notice period
  • Contract document storage
  • Contract alerts and reports